Get Featured in our Ads

If you race in real life you can be featured in our ads. Simply take an awesome shot of yourself trackside or relaxing and if we like it we'll feature it in one of our social media ads, or on instagram. We'll always include your name in our ads and where possible link back to you.

The SK56 look

Action Shots

Feel free to include action shots, featuring SK stickers on your kart, car or bike. 


Typically this is jeans and the classic Silverstone white tee, with or without hoodie. Trackside, overalls half height, SK tee underneath. Feel free to include your lid, your kart. If you've got something to say, say it. 


Typically this is SK tee or hoodie trackside or on a beach. You decide how you want to wear it. Be provocative.


How to get in touch:

Send us hi-res photos to: ads (at) wearestreetkart. com